Trek Fetch+2 and Fetch+4

Trek Fetch+ 2 and Fetch+ 4

Trek Fetch+2 and Fetch+4 were announced earlier this week. The Fetches are Trek’s cargo bikes and they look fantastic. Bikes like these are designed to carry kids, pets, groceries, and more. We early adopted this category, taking less car trips, way back in 2008. Since then the product design has vastly improved the hacked bikes we rode. Tern is the market leader and Specialized re-announced their cargo bike a couple weeks ago.

Trek Fetch+2 and Fetch+4
Trek Fetch+2 and Fetch+4

Bikes like theses are also step up from a brand like RadPower with premium components, build, and drivetrain. Accordingly, they’re priced at $6K for the Fetch+ 2 and Fetch+ 4 for $8.5K. Here’s a launch video for the Fetch2.

As you’d expect from Trek, each bike has all the accessories. It’s also well thought out. Features like a heavy-duty kickstand means Trek spent their time spec’ing the Fetches. The Fetch+4 is a bakfiet (box bike) with the cargo up front. The one thing to note is these are class 1 electric bikes, limited to 20 MPH with pedal assist.

As an aside to bikes, I think it’s great bike companies are marketing to families with premium, high-end cargo products. Of the two, I’d most like to get on the Fetch+4 to see how Trek’s engineers handle a bakfiet. “Fetch+ 4 was designed with a robust cable steering system for better handling and easier navigation on tight turns,” was mentioned in the PR.


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