Sony Unveils ZV-E1 Full-Frame Camera

Sony Unveils ZV-E1 Full-Frame Camera

Sony Unveils ZV-E1 Full-Frame camera. A compact powerhouse for content creators. A compact cine camera that’ll fit in a jersey pocket? Yes, thank you.

The ZV-E1  (preorder now from B&H) is designed specifically for content creators. The camera’s feature set is based on user feedback, offering high-quality content through innovative features in an easy-to-use and compact package. Where the A7r is for resolution, this camera is for fast-paced content creation.

The ZV-E1 is equipped with a full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor, BIONZ XR image processing engine, and dedicated AI processing unit. This allows for stunning image quality, natural skin tones, and real-time recognition and tracking.

A Camera for Content Creators

Creators can enjoy the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame interchangeable lens camera with image sensor shift stabilization, full-frame 4K recording, and extensive vlogging capabilities.

The ZV-E1 offers a Cinematic Vlog Setting, which provides a one-touch recall of five parameters for a cinematic, filmic look without post-production. I recently shot with the FX3 and did no work in post. It was great.

Other notable features are a 5-axis optical in-body stabilization, AI-based Dynamic Active Mode stabilization, AI-based Auto Framing for movies, and a 3-capsule internal microphone with selectable directivity patterns. The camera also offers UVC/UAC support for direct-from-camera USB streaming up to 4K/30p.

Sony Unveils ZV-E1 Full-Frame Pricing

The ZV-E1 is set to be available for pre-sale on March 30th, 2023, with a price range of approximately $2,199.99 – $2,399.99 USD for the body only, and $2,499.99 – $2,699.99 USD for the kit with the SEL2860 lens. The camera is expected to ship in May.

This camera is chock full of tech. Here are some highlights. It’s so much, I suggest you watch the launch video embedded above to best take it all in.

  • Background Defocus function: Get beautiful defocused background with just a press of a button. Paired with the full frame sensor this creates beautiful bokeh with one touch
  • Multiple Face Recognition: automatically adjusts bokeh and focus when shallow depth of field is not needed, such as when additional subjects/people enter the frame and must be in focus.
  • Product Showcase Setting: A single button press allows quick AF tracking shift from face to featured object.
    Ideal for product-review videos
  • Face Priority A (autoexposure) keeps a subject’s face constant brightness (even when recording in changing light conditions
  • Self-timer countdown for video recording
  • Cinematic Vlog Setting turns on all fully cinematic vlog-oriented settings by a single touch, providing an
    intuitive way to create cinematic scenes
  • Aspect ratio: Cinema scope 2.35:1
  • Frame rate: 24p  (23.98p)
  • Look (contract, saturation etc): S-Cinetone / CLEAN / CHIC / FRESH / MONO
  • Mood (color tone) : AUTO / GOLD / OCEAN / FOREST
  • AF transition speed: High / Mid / Low
  • Creative Look: for stills and movies, 10 types and 8 items of parameter selectable
  • My Image Style: Customize style parameters while others are automatically operated
  • Ai-based Auto Framing
  • Using Al-based subject recognition technology, the Auto Framing feature automatically centers, repositions, and crops the frame to keep the subject in a prominent position, even though the camera is mounted on a tripod (also works without tripod)
  • Provides a new shooting experience that’s great interviews, music performances, cooking, etc. with a single fixed camera
  • Crop-level and framing tracking speed are adjustable
  • 3 Framing Operation Modes: Auto start, Start When Tracking, and Auto Start with15 or 30 second interval switched between crop and full angle of view
  • Can be controlled on LCD or connected smartphone or tablet, and can record either cropped or uncropped video stream (not images) and the alternate video stream can be output on HDMI for use with an external recorder
  • Optical Active mode image stabilization increased stabilization for movie shooting while walking. 5-axis in-body IS
  • Dynamic Active Mode: 30% more effective than the Active Mode
  • The ZV-E1 is able to recognize humans by human pose estimation for enhanced recognition and tracking performance. It is also able to expand tracking to birds, animals, cars/trains, planes, and insects with 40% higher precision for animal subjects
  • Ai-based Framing Stabilizer: Combining Dynamic Active Mode + Ai Recognition, the ZV-E1 recognizes the subject, its position, and then using in-camera processing, the subject is cropped so that its

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