Chrome Urban Ex Pannier

Chrome Urban Ex Pannier

The Chrome Urban Ex Pannier is a rugged waterproof cycling bag designed for life in the city and, for me, during a pandemic. A pannier is something I would just normally never use, opting instead for a boxy bike bag.

These aren’t normal times. I’m running more errands and shopping by bike.

Chrome Urban Ex Pannier
My townie

I also converted my cross bike into a townie. The new Chrome Urban Ex Pannier fits onto the side rail of the rack. When shopping, I drop a box of wine, 1/2 rack, whatever into the pannier, and more on the rack.

Part of their Urban Ex dry bag line, the pannier has regular rack hardware. The knurled welded fabric construction is built touch for daily life in the city, with subtle reflective hits on the side for safety as well as daisy-chain-type fabric loops on the outside for holding a light or u-lock. In other words, Chrome brought their urban aesthetic to panniers. It looks like one of their messenger bags, but in the shape of a pannier.

It’s 100% welded and waterproof. However it’s done, I recommend cyclists taking the load off their backs and put it on their bikes.

Chrome Urban Ex Pannier
Shopping, Urban Ex Pannier on the left, another bag I’m trying is on the rack.

Also, go shopping by bike. I take mine into the store.

Unlike other stodgy panniers, Chrome’s pannier provides superior protection on the bike while looking at home in the bar or office. Once released from the rack, you can strap it on your shoulder like a sling. Like all of Chrome’s product, it’s high quality.

Chrome Urban Ex Pannier Features

  • Lightweight 100% welded waterproof pannier
  • Padded laptop sleeve fits 13″ Macbook Pro
  • Three-point rack attachment system
  • Attachment loops for u-lock & storage
  • Fits most bike racks
  • Handle & shoulder strap included
  • MSRP: $150

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