Specialized Globe Haul ST

Specialized Globe Haul ST

A Specialized Globe Haul ST teaser was shared today. It follows a series of “drops” about their cargo bike. All we have so far is the studio photo and no specifics. The hub motor, external battery, and controller means we can expect a lower entry price point.

Specialized Globe Haul ST
Specialized Globe Haul ST

Most interesting is the branding. Specialized has marked the frame with a tongue-and-lips style logo. Also notice the labels on the tires: carless whisper.

Specialized Haul ST Teaser
Specialized Globe Haul ST logo

In the announcement, Specialized said we’ll get even more details on the 18th. Here’s a FAQ from the first announcement.

Specialized Globe Haul ST FAQ

Is Globe a part of Specialized?
Yes, Globe is a business unit within Specialized operating in close partnership with all other parts of the brand.

How much will Globe bikes cost? How many models will there be?
All Globe products are designed to deliver maximum lifetime value to riders while keeping prices as competitive as possible. Final pricing and product details have not been announced.

Will Globe replace Specialized Turbo ebikes?
No. Globe will leverage all of the knowledge and capability that Specialized has built in developing some of the world’s best bikes and equipment over the last 50 years, including how to build great electric bikes. Globe products are designed to provide maximum fun and utility to riders and will in no way replace or interrupt Specialized’s Turbo ebike lineup.

Are you sharing more product details at this time? Is the image in the teaser of a bike that you’ll actually produce?
We are not sharing more product details at this time. The image shown is of a bike that we plan to produce this year.

When will Globe products be available?
Globe products will be available for order in the second half of 2022.

Where and when will Globe be available?
We’re launching Globe in USA markets. We plan to expand our reach to more global markets as soon as possible.

I attended the press briefing with the Globe team and they are very enthusiastic about getting into this space. What’s significant about the teaser launch today is Specialized is committed to cargo bikes and cyclists will have another choice in premium product at another price point.

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