Tern NBD Launches Today

Tern NBD Launches Today

The Tern NBD launches today. It is an e-bike focused on newer and smaller riders. Those riders with mobility limitations too. In other words, the NBD features a low, step-through frame.

Tern NBD Launches Today
Tern NBD on a bike path

The design is intended for cyclists that typically don’t feel confident or comfortable riding a standard-sized electric bike. Earlier this month, Tern launched the Short Haul.

These two models expand their lineup significantly.

Tern NBD Launches Today
Note the enclosed drivetrain with internal gears.

Tern NBD Launches Today Details

In North America, the NBD bike platform includes two models:

  • NBD S5i: $4,699 USD / $6,099 CAD in Dark Bronze and Blue
  • NBD P8i: $3,899 USD / $5,049 CAD in Red and Silver Blue

Bikes will start arriving in bike shops during Q1/2023. In addition, the NBD features include

  • Vertical Parking—The NbD stands vorant and can be easily rolled
  • Gaia Rack—Sturdy rear rack carries up to 2/ kg 59 Ib and works win most end seals
  • Rideeasy Suspension Seatpost—Custom shortstack suspension seatpost
  • Physis Handlepost—3D-forged for a stiff solid ride. Allows the bike to fold flat for easy storage.
  • Andros Stem—tool-free, adjustable stem accommodates different riding positions.
  • Combo Mount—Robust frame mount with multiple front cargo options. Carries up to 20 kg (44 lb)
  • Ultra-Low & Long step.through—Low and long step-trough frame makes mounting safer and easier.
  • Bosch Motor—Smooth, natural feeling e-assist with UD up to 65 Nm of torque and 300% support.

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