Best Places to Bike in the U.S

The best places to bike in the U.S. has been announced. For the sixth consecutive year, PeopleForBikes, in conjunction with Trek Bicycle, has published the research findings to rank 1,058 cities for biking in the United States. The top three bikeable cities in the country are:

  • Provincetown, Massachusetts
  • Davis, California
  • Fayette, Missouri

I’ve ridden in Davis. Seattle ranks 59. Below is a video about the best biking cities.

PeopleForBikes’ City Ratings program highlights communities that embrace bicycling. Those cities use it as a tool for mobility, economic growth, and recreation. Most American cities and towns have yet to implement relatively simple changes that make communities more bikeable.

Included with the ratings today are

  • PeopleForBikes’ Best Places to Bike for 2022, 10 U.S. cities that all offer actionable lessons on improving bicycling locally.
  • Notable stats from this year’s research, including which cities saw an increase in its scores.
  • Cities not scored favorable for biking and the ways the areas can improve its score.
  • In addition to the cities ranked in the United States, PeopleForBikes analyzed 47 cities in Canada. European and Australian results will be released later this year.

The ranking tool provides the basis for each city’s score. You can also find your own town.

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