Trek Updates Farley Line

Trek Updates Farley line of fat bikes. Before building up my Supply Chain Bastard (SCB), much of the fat biking in the snow I’ve done has been on a Farley.  I didn’t think anything was lacking on that bike…it was fast and fun. But what Trek has done is add all sort of mounts and accessories and refocused their fatbike on adventures in the snow.

Or any weather, actually.

Their new expedition-oriented frame is built to get spec’d out..the best part, it offers bolt-on fenders. A must, if you’ve ever experienced ice spray in your face on a ride.

I have.

The model shown below is the Farly 9 Winter Edition. The fork offers a shorter offset that increases reach and better balances the weight. At the under $5K price point, the bike is remarkably well equipped. Built around 27.5 tires, you still get enormous amounts of rubber (4.5″) with a size that will roll faster than a 26.

Trek Updates Farley Line
Trek Updates Farley Line

The 9.6 is the OCLV racing rig for fast days at the groomed park. The Farley 7 comes with a Manitou Mastodon fork. You can also order the Farley 5 and build up your bike. Watch the intro video from my friend Ross below.

Fatbiking as a product category has certainly grown in the past decade. It’s great to see a brand like Trek offering a line complete with accessories. Fund

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