A Trailer for the Outside, Spring 17

No, not the kind of trailer you tow, but the one for a movie, the one I kept mentioning we’re shooting with cine lenses, and on the singletrack in Seattle’s backyard.

Considering the politics happening now is as good a time as any to remind you about riding a bike outside. And, with a quote from the designer of my personal bike, the Open Cycle U.P.

Gerard said in an interview with Cycling Industry News

…. the adult world we live is pretty serious, so if your hobby can be a little more playful, the better. It’s like when you were young and took a bike and went around: you knew where you lived and where you had to come back and that was all.

The adult world is serious and seemingly more serious every day. But we know where we live, where the ride started, the meet time, and when we have to be home….all that matters, really.

When we’re outside, at least.

This Spring, besides Opens, we’re riding Diamonbacks, Ghosts, and Co-Ops with Sweet Protection, Five Ten, and Camelbak.

The visuals so far have been made with the Olympus OM-D, EM-1 Mark II, Canon M6, 5D Mark IV ($3299.00 on Amazon), and Cine lens.

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