Finding Gear You Love

Because premium products are so good these days, I don’t publish shootouts for bikes OR cameras. My latest blog for Digital Photo Magazine is about finding a system you love. The same thing applies to a new whip too, it’s about what works for you best and there’s never been a better time to be an enthusiast.

In the end, the tech specs are less important than the results.

There are bikes and cameras for every niche, and probably ones I haven’t heard about. The Sony Alpha a9 should have you, and anyone interested in camera tech considering their next purchase. If a new camera isn’t in your immediate plans, dumping the tech you have should be. I’d either sell your current gear and max out what your budget will allow in DSLR or get into mirrorless.

A new body cost just about what a gravel frameset costs like the Open UP or 3T Exploro at $3-4,500.00.

The featured image for this post was shot with the Olympus OM-D EM1 II and while I was in NYC. If you’ve already bought into the Olympus system, that’s the upgrade for you.

Those switching to mirrorless should consider all brands. In fact, as I say in the article, my idea of perfection would be an Olympus body with a Sony sensor, Fuji’s in-camera profiles, and Sigma’s lenses.

To that point, a SRAM drivetrain with Shimano brakes would be great too. While the speed of progress has slowed in the bike biz, compared to cameras, there’s still a jump from skinny to wider tires happening, tubeless, and 11 speeds or 1x.

Regarding tubeless, see today’s announcement from Zipp.

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