Diamond Back DreamRide 2

DreamRide 2 aims to bring dreams to life. Ride along with Mike Hopkins as he journeys across massive lava fields, cruises alongside evergreen canyons, chases rainbows, rides on frozen rivers and explores volcanic caves. These are the places only seen in dreams. Welcome to back to DreamRide.

Considering that Diamondback just went direct to consumers, I’m giving them a nod by following that up with a strong content push. And, this edit is as good as any; noteworthy, for the concept, as well as the quality. They backed it up wth a mini site too.

Diamondback’s PR didn’t say what they spent on the video, but they shot in more locations than just Vancouver and it plays way better than a grom’s awesome bike vacation.

Mike is riding a Release 3, Diamondback’s  flagship all-mountain ripper, and it just happens to be on sale for $3,120.00.

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