Scott e-Silence

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After sitting out a season with electric bikes in the US last year, Scott has introduced their E-Silence to the US market and building a campaign around it about noise pollution.

We came up with a solution that will redefine urban commuting. Reduced to the max but still equipped with all the essentials, our E-Silence bikes will get you anywhere smoothly, safely and most importantly, silently.

And using an integrated, mid mount drivetrain from Brose.

Get the specs from Scott’s dedicated E-Silence page. The key features of the bike shown are

  • Silence EVO 6061 Alloy Frame
  • Shimano Alfine 11 speed
  • Syncros Components
  • Shimano Hydr. Disc
  • Integrated Lights

The E-Silence Evo retails for about $2000.00 at a dealer near you.


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