Sweet Protection: Hunter Enduro

Escaping the rain under a canopy of trees, seemed so obvious, I should’ve done it earlier this season.

And, the one before that.

Since spinning out of the racing scene and riding gravel, I’m also pedaling on some sweet singletrack at Duthie and the Grand Ridge.

Sweet Protection sent me some kit for their shorts for wet conditions and a jersey. Turns out in Norway they MTB in the rain too, having little choice if they wanna ride, and so we’ve got something in common.

The Hunter Enduros are made with a water repellent stretch material and cut for comfort with thigh pockets and vents. The water we did pick up from a few puddles and crossing streams beaded up and dripped off.

The matching Chuckanut jersey wicked with a quick-drying, stretchy material and was very comfortable too. The Dissenter helmet fit with two clicks and a buckle snap—easy on, and off as a helmet should be.

I guess in the All-Mountain category comfort is a thing v. suffering in a tight kit like a roadie.

The sizing is a bit odd with Sweet Protection, they only measure 1/2 the body and then you do the math. I’m wearing a size up from similar brands.

What I like most about Sweet is that different aesthetic another nationality can bring to the sport. Norwegians know about riding in the trees when it’s raining hard outside—see this story from the FT.

You can find Sweet Protection online. The MSRP (converted from Krone) on the kit I wore is

  • Chuckanut Jersey—$93.00 USD
  • Hunter Enduro Shorts—$151.00
  • Dissenter Helmet—$151.00

Just a few pedal cranks where we stopped for a photo, is the Grand Ridge Boardwalk that spans “the bog.”

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