Titanium Moots Vamoots 33

Titanium Moots Vamoots 33 made its debut today. Following a hiatus after 20 years in publishing, Bike Hugger is back with a renewed vigor. The introduction of a new Moots provides an excellent reason to resume publishing, and what better topic to kickstart the content than the latest addition to the Moots lineup? Plus, the idea of having a bike that complements the sleek design of the iPhone 15 Titanium is undoubtedly enticing.

It does mine. I own two Davidson custom Ti bikes. One welded by a tech who went on to work at Moots.

The Titanium Moots Vamoots 33 is crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia for bygone days, when “Gravel” wasn’t the predominant marketing. In that era, riders could confidently navigate uncertain paths and endure extensive journeys on any bike they owned. The Vamoots 33 launches as a versatile companion. Expect it to excell in various roles and deliver a delightful riding experience. With an initial MSRP of $7,499, the 33 positions itself as a value Moots. It doesn’t have the hefty five-digit price tag of carbon frames.

Titanium Moots Vamoots 33
Titanium Moots Vamoots 33

It’ll likely ride better on rough toad too. Vanmoots doesn’t say it’s welded in Colorado. I’m going to guess it’s welded in Taiwan. That’s just fine. It’ll fit 38s. I’d like to see a 650b moots with a 50mm. One can dream. Balanced against what you ride, you may never need that 38. By all means this bike will take you where you want to go.

Vamoots 33 Specs

  • Designed to clear 38c tires
  • Moots 3D Printed Flatmount
  • Size-specific US-sourced straight gauge 3/2.5 thin-walled tubing
  • Full coverage fender compatible
  • Multiple upgrades and build options are available
  • MSRP: Complete bikes starting at $7499

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