Pedalers Fork with Moots Boutique and More

Moots Botutique

A Moots Boutique

After watching powerpoints and test riding SRAM 22 and Hydro (11 speed drivetrain and hydraulic road disc brakes), we dined at Pedaler’s Fork. That’s a bike shop, restaurant, coffee roaster, Moots Boutique. But not necessarily in that order.

Serving New Belgium

Serving New Belgium

It’s like the owners combined everything they’re into in one place and did it for the cycling community in Calabasas. For the foodie, the dishes are made with locally sourced, organic food, wine, and cooked by top chefs. Served by the best wait staff too and, off course, with New Belgium on tap.


Wait staff

For the bike geek, the Moots Boutique is the only one in the States and includes a wall where the bike-building process is displayed like a modern museum.

Pedaler’s Fork reminded me our trips to Moli del Mig and Zi Martino, where a retired pro made a life for himself with a bike hotel. If Pedaler’s expands, they just need a few rooms and routes to share with guests for a destination experience. It’s also a place where you can think about what to do with money in the bike industry and for the culture.

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