SRAM Hydro Tested on Mulholland Drive

Eco with Hydro

C’dale Evo with Hydro

To properly test the hydraulic brakes, SRAM took us on routes that climbed Mulholland Drive and descended steep, windy descents. We rode 96 miles, 6 hours, and 8K feet of climbing in 2 days. My legs are toast.

Climbers ride away

The climbers rode away to put 20 minutes into us, we brought back 10 on the descent

Each of those rides is Strava’d, like to the yard, the mailbox. You’ll get the details of the road disc brakes with posts from me and Mark V on Monday.


Got a personal Red Kite Prayer this weekend

What I can tell you now I said on Twitter last night, when we got back from another Mulholland climb

Their 11 speed is SRAM RED 2012 with another click, Hydro is a game changer.

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