Curious Creatures Mountain Bike Apparel

Curious Creatures mountain bike apparel was launched earlier this year. They are a fresh brand rooted in Bozeman, Montana. Their stated mission is to craft bold mountain biking gear for every adventurer navigating this peculiar world. Their intent, when riding bikes, is to reconnect with the carefree, curious creatures we all once were—all integral parts of nature, not separate from it.

Sounds good…what they mean by that is, their apparel is ready to wear both on/off the bike. Like urban cycling gear that functions on the bike as well as in the office. I’d wear the samples they sent me on any ride and to any meeting. It’s nice stuff.

Here’s their insta.

Curious Creatures Mountain Bike Apparel
Curious Creatures Mountain Bike Apparel

Inspired by a transformative bikepacking trip, the logo incorporates elements that symbolize the brand’s spirit – the letter “C,” to represent the name, playful seeing googly eyes for creatures of the outdoors, the indelible imprint of bike tires, and a subtle nod to the natural world.

The brand’s credence in conscientious design, sustainability and craftsmanship are at the heart of everything we create from the logo and design to the fabric, fit and innovation.

says founder and designer Natasha Woodworth. I’m happy to see a playful, fun brand launch when the bike industry is struggling. I also wish them success. It takes enormous amounts of energy to start your own clothing line and even more to keep it going.

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