Remembering Tim Rutledge

Remembering Tim Rutledge (center in the featured photo from 1974)…Tim passed this week after a long, hard battle with cancer. The Pacific Northwest cycling community is mourning one of their own. This video, shot 15 years ago, is how I’m remembering Tim.

Due to copyright restrictions, the video is only viewable on YouTube.

In it, he’s being Tim. He was a Vault of Cross Knowledge.  I also remember Tim taking care of me in Bend when freezing rain coated the racers right before the start.

Here’s what I had to say at the time:

“Chris Mahan pulled me off my bike. He then dragged me to the Redline tent to get warm and a few minutes later handed me a cup of Espresso. In the tent, Tim Rutledge checked on me, made sure I wasn’t hypothermic, and handed me a plastic rain cape. The propane heater steamed the cold and wet perspiration off of my kit and I felt at home. Pam had helped me get ready for the race earlier that morning and now calmed me down while I fretted. She wasn’t happy I didn’t come back to the car, but understood when I told her I don’t remember how I got to the tent.”

Remembering Tim Rutledge
Remembering Tim Rutledge

Rest in peace, Tim. Thanks for taking care of me.

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