The Man of Steel Video Series

The Man of Steel Video Series

In the first episode of the upcoming The Man of Steel video series, Giovanni Battaglin takes you inside his workshop. That’s where he builds eponymous steel frames.

I can’t get enough handbuilt bike content and sharing the start of this eries for Battaglin’s emphasis on Columbus tubing. Over the course of the next 8 videos, Battaglin unveils the “secret formula” he has been using to make some of the most successful and iconic steel bikes in the late 80s and 90s, like Stephen Roche’s Triple Crown bike.

We wanted our customers to see how their steel frames are made. We’re proud of the final result, and we can’t wait to launch the complete series

That’s a big effort for a small company and while own production bikes, my custom is the go to. It was built right here in Seattle by Bill Davidson. Looking at Giovanni Battaglin’s site, the Power+ Disc model appeals to me the most for the fillet-brazing, front and rear axles with a carbon fork.

Stop Steel Features

  • Fillet –brazed steel frame
  • Columbus Spirit HSS tubeset
  • Carbon tapered fork
  • Tapered head tube 1”1/8 1”1/2
  • English BB
  • Front and rear thru-axle 142×12 mm
  • Head parts and seat collar included

While I prefer Ti, not going to argue with a high-quality steel bike. The last one I rode was a Wilier, another Italian brand and wrote about it in this post.

If you are into the bike, as a hobby or lifestyle, I strongly recommend you add a steel whip to your quiver. It’s like vinyl for an audiophile, shooting b/w for a photographer, or eating street-vending noodles for a foodie. Columbs tubing has stood the test of time too. And, will give you that steel is real ride quality you’ll never get with a carbon bike. It won’t be as fast, but that’s not what riding a classic like a a bike from Battaglin is about.


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