The Driven: Hannah Bergemann Video

The Driven Hannah Bergemann

Here’s a perfect lunch break MTB video. It’s The Driven: Hannah Bergemann and from Tenet Components. Hannah rides Bellingham’s most intimidating features. She’s a prodigy and Tenet Pro.

Tenet is based out of Bellingham, Wa. Just north of Seattle and selling bars, stems, and pedals. Soft goods too and making videos like The Driven: Hannah Bergemann.

The Driven is the second part of a multi part series that delves into the inner makings of Tenet Components. Hannah was the first person that came to mind when Tenet asked, “Who would be a great fit for the brand?. They agreed over a beer and in true Hannah form, she smiled and humbly agreed.

What I like about Tenet and Hanna’s story is when it comes to sponsoring an athlete, a lot of brands tend to look at follower numbers, race results, tailwhip and barspin combos, or YouTube subscribers. To tenet, what truly matters is personality, perseverance, and in Hannah’s situation…drive.

Hannah’s ride is Kona, based in Ferndale Wa which is farther north. Also based in Bellingham is EVIL, a company that started here in Seattle. The last time I rode a Kona it was a CX bike. I rode an EVIL last year.

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