Specialized Turbo Como SL Just for Fun

Specialized Turbo Como SL

Check out the Specialized Turbo Como SL with fashion designer and Author, Diana Rikasari. She gives us a tour of the ebike along the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Available in two models, the Specialized Turbo Como SL 4.0 ($4000 USD) and Como SL 5.0 ($5000 USD) both feature integrated lights, fenders, racks, a front basket, and option for a battery extender. As seen below, you can even carry up to 68lbs of cargo… that’s a lot of flowers.

Specialized Turbo Como SL
Gates Belt drive, internal hub

The super light motor and battery technology, first introduced in 2019, is now incorporated into a comfortable and upright ride delivering a blend of performance, portability, and possibility for all riders. The Como SL is a light, easy to use, easy to maintain, and incredibly fun e-bike for commuting, fitness, and riding around town. SL e-bikes are approximately 40% lighter than traditional e-bikes. But still offer an assist of 2x your input, assisting up to 28mph.

They also look like regular bikes.

The internal gear hub offers low maintenance and the ability to shift when at a stop. That helps when fully loaded and you forget to downshift. The 5.0 model is equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive—no greasy drivetrains.

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