New Specialized Turbo Levo Bicycle

Specialized Turbo Levo Bicycle

Today is the premiere of ALIX. A movie about the Specialized Turbo Levo bicycle. The mini-movie was created by Sabertooth films for Specialized. It answers a question. What really goes on behind closed doors at Specialized?To clarify, it involves aliens.

Shop the Turbo Levo online. Certainly remember to ride one of these responsibly, where allowed. I tried out the Specialized’s commuter, the Turbo Vado, last year. And, if you’re into performance ebikes, they’ve got the product.

Specialized Turbo Levo Bicycle Power

Interestingly, the Turbo Levo mixes up tire sizes on this model. 27.5 in the back. 29 for the front. According to Specialized, “the smaller 27.5” wheel in the back enables short chainstays to deliver a more playful ride. While the 29” front wheel rolls right over everything that dares get in its way.”

The new Turbo Levo promises 5 hours of ride time with 564 watts of peak power. Additional updates include

  • Custom-tuned motor for optimal power and torque
  • Robust belt for long-term and reliable power delivery
  • MasterMind TCU firmware optimizes efficiency and power output across the ride
  • New hatch and double seals at charge port boost weather resistance

What particularly interests me is a design that looks more like a regular bike.

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