Go Josie Short Film Premier

Go Josie Short Film

The Go Josie Short Film is the beginning of evolving the bicycle industry to include all bodies. Josie intends to share her story to open the door for other brands to consider para athletes for their own ambassador programs.

Josie is currently supported by Pearl Izumi and Swiftwick. Swiftwick is the only athletic sock brand that makes both adaptive and non-adaptive socks. Swiftwick worked closely with the adaptive community to design the VALOR™ line. That’s a collection of socks made for below-knee and above-knee amputees. Jose is a two-time US Paralympics National Champion.

Go Josie Short Film Premier

The film premiers this Thursday, April 8th. With her friend Leo, Jose builds a gravel bike from scratch. And, one that allows her to shift gears and use both front and rear brakes independently with one hand. Electronic shifting makes that possible.

Josie’s Bike

Jose’s adapted bike is built up with GRX. The right shift/brake lever has an additional brake mounted in the drop giving the rider the ability to grab 2 brake levers with 1 hand. On the other side of the bar, there’s a shortened aero extension modified to with a custom cup holder that acts as a platform for Josie stub.

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