SCOTT Gravel Shoes

SCOTT Gravel Shoes

It took a few product cycles for brands to catch up with the demands of cyclists riding gravel and we now have SCOTT Gravel Shoes. That’s a good thing for me because I’ve been wearing a pair of Team Comps since 2014.

Several seasons ago, I switched to riding mountain bike shoes for the two-hole pattern with TIME ATACs. I found that standardizing one shoe and pedal style lessened knee pain. A gravel shoe is a fusion of road and mountain and with a design that considers comfort. So it’s fast and light. Also rugged and durable.

There was a time, not long ago, when getting a new pair of shoes for road or mountain was a two-week ordeal. You had to break them in. They rubbed you raw for a while, but not anymore. When SCOTT handed me the Team Comp shoes during a media event, I rode them every day up to and including today! The fit was near perfect with no break-in.

SCOTT Gravel Shoes
I’ve been wearing these Team Comp shoes when I ride any bike since 2014. They are the most comfortable pair I own.

These new Gravel Shoes will replace my 7-yr old pair. Even though gravel season is over, I’ve been wearing the pair Scott sent me around the house. I’m sure they’ll be just a comfortable as the old mountain bike pair on my favorite routes. 

I have the Gravel Tuned version. With a stiffer sole and double BOA dials for more adjustability. The outsole is a carbon fiber composite. SCOTT’s ErgoLogic insole is what works for my feet.

Scott Gravel Shoes
Scott Gravel Shoes with tags still on waiting for the spring.

A good grip comes from a sticky rubber tread. The ventilated upper should be easy to clean. The recessed two-bolt cleat patter works with all my ATAC pedals; including, the Cyclo.

We’ll see what happens in the next seven-year shoe cycle with SCOTT.

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