A Car Free Winter?

Going Carfree with Tern

In their latest upload, GCN tries a car free winter.  Good for them. And, the best part is they try it with a Tern GSD. Note: the video is sponsored by Bosch. While Bike Hugger has a relationship with Tern, we have none with the drivetrain maker.

A Car Free Winter from the description

As more of us think about what we do to help preserve the environment, switching from a car to an e-bike is one of those considerations. However, it’s one thing doing this in summer, but what about the winter, with its short daylight hours and cold, rainy or even snowy weather? Si has decided to find out if you really can give up the car in winter and ride an e-bike all year round instead!

If you’re wondering if you can go car free too, see this comment from Chris Haldane

We’ve been doing this (in Bradford, UK) with the bike featured, the tern gsd, for a couple of years and our kids LOVE it. And to answer a couple of the things Si said weren’t possible – with our huge panniers we can fit 2 kids AND a full trolley load of shopping on the bike, and we regularly ‘bag and drag’ their bikes to the park. We wouldn’t go back now, and have ditched our car, meaning we’ve been able to get a campervan that we wouldn’t have if we needed it for city driving.

You totally can. Going car free, like anything else, takes commitment and the right gear.

A Car Free Winter?
Rode the Tern GSD from Bootleg Canyon to Las Vegas several falls ago.

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