New TIME Gravel Pedal: Cyclo

The only pedal I’d ever switch from my old ATACs is the new TIME Gravel Pedal. The Cyclo launched a couple weeks ago and I’ve been riding with it ever since. Cyclo offers road pedal performance with mountain pedal functionality. That means, a 2-bolt cleat and a wider platform for all-day comfort.

New TIME Gravel Pedal
New TIME Gravel Pedal

The Cyclo pedals are road pedals built around a mountain cleat allowing the use of mountain bike shoe while maintaining road pedal performance.

A secure connection with tight coupling and tension adjustment ensures great power transfer, support and performance. The Cyclo is an ATAC ($114 on Amazon) inside a road pedal. While intended for the gravel market, the easy entry system and self-cleaning design is perfect for urban rides and commuting.

I’m happy about a new TIME gravel pedal  because I’ve been using an old set of TIME downhill pedals for the same purpose. An ancient pair like these.

MTB pedal

Cyclo Pricing

Shipping in late November, the Cyclo is available at 3 price points:

  • 128 gram Cyclo 10—$130
  • 129 gram Cyclo 6—$110
  • 145 gram Cyclo 2—$75

The difference between those is the materials. The Cyclo 10, the version I have, features a carbon-filled body. All three pedals share the Iclic step-in system. Iclic is how TIME describes easy step in functionality.

Learn more about the Cyclo from TIME.

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