Trek’s Better with Bikes Podcast

Better with Bikes Podcast

The Better with Bikes Podcast launched last week. It’s Trek’s first branded podcast. Though all episodes circle around the theme of cycling, each episode delivers a unique experience. Meaning, there’s a hidden gem of information for every listener, whether they are avid riders or not. The last cycling related podcast I heard was about a bikepacker rescue in Oregon.

Better with Bikes showcases how people from different backgrounds and experiences are using the shared passion of cycling to make a difference, but you don’t have to be an avid rider to find something interesting within each episode.

I appreciate the generally entertaining approach.

In an episode, Trek Vice President, Mark Joslyn sits down with a football and baseball All-Star that turned to cycling in 2011 as a way to help pull his community together. Another episode takes a different perspective, diving into the background of a former Trek team member and how his unconventional childhood in East Germany ultimately impacted his future cycling career.

Topics including diversity, equality and eco-sustainability are also among the conversations had that provide insight into the ways cycling is impacting riders, and riders are working to help make a change within the sport in turn.

Trek’s Better with Bikes Podcast Episodes

The full list of interviewees at launch include:

  • Trek–Segafredo team general manager Luca Guercilena and rider Toms Skujiņš
  • NFL legend and cycling enthusiast Brett Favre
  • Black Girls Do Bike founder Monica Garrison
  • Return to Earth cinematographers Colin Jones and Matt Butterworth
  • Trek Factory Mountain Bike racer Ellen Noble and Trek Race Shop manager Scott Daubert
  • Former road racer, NBC sports commentator, and author Jens Voigt
  • Bureo founder David Stover
  • Baseball and football All-Star Bo Jackson

New episodes of the podcast will be released regularly, and accompanying blog posts can be viewed on the Trek Blog.

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