Rescued by a Bikepacker in Oregon

Rescued by a Bikepacker

Via the As it Happens podcast, a rescued by a bikepacker story.

Out pops this tiny little shih tzu, you know, covered in burrs and other prickly stuff from the bush and just whining — and desperately, desperately wanting water.

Early in his Oregon high desert trip, Tomas Quinones spotted an occasional rancher and a dead cow, but didn’t expect to attend to a diabetic in a medical emergency. Listen in to how he found a man in rough shape and his thirsty tiny dog.

Rescued by a Bikepacker Details

You can also watch the story on YouTube from KPTV. If a trip like Tomas took interests you, here’s his gear list. And, a trip report in his own words.

I turned onto another double track to start heading North. After a few miles, I saw something in the middle of the road. My first thought was that this would be dead cow number 4, but this moved. And as I pedalled closer, I soon realized it was a person! WTF?

I helped my share of people and friends on rides, but nothing so dramatic or needing an emergency call. I’m also now carrying a Somewear with me on rides in the remote areas of the Methow Valley. This story has a happy ending. Oregon State Police found the man and his dog(s) and they’re all recovering.

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