Davidson CX Bike Becomes a Commuter

Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles 2020

Ed. note: This is one project that we never shared (there are a few more) for one reason or another. I blame Covid. I found this post in a drafts folder and sharing it as, a gallery with captions. I also converted my cross bike to a townie (taller position with a flared bar for more cargo capability).

At the top, the Davidson setup for SS CX. Below that, the stripped and Ti-anodized D in full commuter gear with 1×11 drivetrain.



The biggest change was the custom steel fork with 70mm of rake, which effectively converted the bike into a low-trail geometry to compliment the porteur rack & front loads.



The previous bar had a typical 80mm of reach, but the 3T Aeronova has rangy 104mm. Combined with a shorter stem, that Aeronova leaves open space for the porteur rack’s top load.


Cygolite Hotrod taillight on a mount fashioned from scrap titanium frame tubing
The SON Edelux II headlight is the gold standard for street-optimized dynamo lighting. The L&M Urban 850 rechargeable headlight provides raw power when the situation calls for it.


Byron's Townie
Byron’s Townie







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