GOREWEAR Limited Edition Jacket

A GOREWEAR Limited Edition Jacket launched tonight. One of the things I like about Gore, besides how well their gear performs, is the marketing swagger they have.

C5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Thermo Grid Fade Camo Jacket

A limited-edition jacket for their fans?

Well played.

And, it’s a C5 which combines all their various fabric tech into a soft-shell you wear with a liner. I think Gore could also market their gear as athleisure because of how comfortable it is through a wide range of temps and conditions. Gone are the days of crunchy hardshells over the top of an insulating layer. If it’s really nasty out, I’ll wear my Shake Dry over the C5.

Anyway, back to the GOREWEAR Limited Edition Jacket (there are only 50 available), I’m also late sharing with you my winter riding. That’s because the historic rain washed the snow away. The snow finally dropped again this week and I’ve got fat biking to do wearing the C5.

It isn’t a limited edition, but it is their latest rev of an already proven product. Here’s how Gore describes their pop-up piece

Our bestselling C5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Thermo Jacket has a new, limited edition design just for the holidays. Inspired by Californian winters that can range from mild to below-freezing temperatures, the omnipresent sun, and it’s soulful, chilly sunsets.

C5 combines different fabric technologies like WindStopper into a tailored fit with water repellency. If you’re into Gore, like the fan who will buy this jacket, read more about Infinium here. And, order the C5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Thermo Grid Fade Camo Jacket while you can.

They only made 50. Shop the rest of GOREWEAR’s products on Amazon.

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