Gore-Tex Keeps You Warm

Gore-Tex Keeps you Warm

In the winter, Gore-Tex keeps you warm. I just got back from a trip to Alaska and wore their Thermium jacket with a liner. I was comfortable during hikes, boat rides, and to visit a natural hot springs. In case it got wetter, I brought their pull-over pants too.

Gore-Tex Keeps You Warm
Gore-Tex Keeps You Warm—

Gore-Tex’s gear has gotten so good, across their lines, that you can mix and match and find the separates that fit your usage. When I’m on an urban ride, running an errand in the wet, it’s with their running jackets. They’re the same material as the cycling jacket, but with a hood and looser fit. So you can wear them over street clothes and use the hood as needed.

Gore-Tex Keeps You Warm and Comfortable

On the bike, Thermium is just as comfortable and breathes like the rest of the line while insulating. I don’t know how they did it, but Gore managed to make their membrane comfortable like fleece. It also maintains the warmth, even when wet from rain or sweat.

As a die-hard sport wool fan, it seems sacrilegious to say I’m reaching for Gore-Tek outerwear on rides. That’s because Gore also figured out how to manage odors. When traveling in the winter, I take a liner, jacket, and socks and can travel without smelling like I did for a good week. If you rotating pieces, the time to wash is even longer.

Previously, wool was the other fabric that didn’t smell like your workout. Not only does Gore-Tex keep you warm, but it’s also comfortable. For fat biking, pull on their pants over tights.

In a couple of weeks, when we’re in Maui, I’ll switch out the heavier gear for lighter summer weight and be just as comfortable. That includes stuffing the  stretch jacket in a jersey pocket in case the trade winds drop a storm on the island.

Gore Stretch Launch

Find Thermium online. Their hiking and cycling shops are here. Everything is on sale, as you’d expect during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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