Our 15th Year of Publishing Bike Content

What a Winter That Was

It’s our 15th year of publishing.

Happy new year!

After the holiday break and riding in the cold, we’ve been busying moving to a new server. We did that to optimize our site for an even faster experience, focused on mobile too. We’ll get back to posting bike content soon.

Thanks for following us and being part of what we do for 15 years. The first post we made was about cargo bikes. Here’s a quote

The last major new bicycle concept adopted by the industry was the mountain bike in 1985. The big bicycle makers are introvert and not market oriented. They design new bikes by choosing a new gear shift, a new saddle and a new colour. But the consumer doesn’t care about that. The consumer has specific needs, like bringing children to school.

True then and now bike companies are focused on specific niches, like the GSD. UPS has even incorporated cargo bikes into their transportation modes. Ebikes have come a long way as well. Like most things in biking, what started with tinkerers in a garage is now a mainstream product. What stands out to me are bikes from Open and what Trek is doing with the Supercaliber.

Also, after our 15th year of publishing is over, I plan on another 15.

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