Being Distant with Kali Protectives in the West

Being Distant with Kali Protectives

Of all the PR I get, this one is different. It’s about being distant with Kali Protectives. I thought I recognized the tone and affect. My friend Jim Merithew wrote the blurbs and took the photos. What got my attention is I’ve been doing the same in the Methow Valley. So well produced, I’m sharing the marketing wholesale. Also, recommending Kali for you and yours. They make great stuff with a sincerity that’s hard to find in a terrible year.

Since the start of the year, our team at Kali Protectives has been going to great lengths to ride our bikes. To sneak in rides whenever we can find even the smallest of opportunities. To appreciate our local trails, our health and the amazing weather California offers us.

We have been doing this all for you. That’s right, for you.

A fair amount of this riding has been for the testing, sampling and re-testing and re-sampling of gloves. It’s not easy work, but it is a sacrifice we have been willing to undertake for your benefit.

With that, our brand-new Cascade and Mission gloves were born from an unquenchable desire to pull on a pair of gloves that we could be proud of and of which we would and could recommend to you without hesitation.

Being Distant with Kali Protectives
Being Distant with Kali Protectives

Kali sent me the gloves. They’re the best, as are there helmets. Kali is what I choose to wear. I wish they’d get into shoes. The all-new Cascade glove is a slip on design.


  • 4 way stretch ribbed top hand, perforated palm
  • Spandex knuckle gussets for maximum articulation
  • Thumb and index finger are touch screen compatible
  • Reinforced construction where it counts
  • Absorbent microfiber on thumb
  • Spandex slip on wrist gusset
  • XS – XXL

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