A Tour of Wired’s Office with Glass

In town for a photo shoot related to my latest feature in Wired about Glass, I toured their offices with Jim Merithew, Director of Photography, looking at all the bikes. Note Jim’s facial expression that says, “take that computer off your head.” His reaction to Glass is like others I’ve met wearing it. I talk about that in my story and what it was like to ride and work on bikes with Google’s HUD, a glanceable computer. The story drops this week.

For my posts on Glass to date, see the Glass tag and posts on G+, like this Fatbike one.

The soundtrack is Sister Saviour (Blackstrobe Remix) by The Rapture from The Wired CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share, and I’m going wayback in my library for that to 2004. An occasional Bike Hugger contributor to our blog and magazine, Mathowie worked on that ripping music project with Creative Commons.

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