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Issue 04 Cover

Issue 04 of our magazine just shipped and is available to download now from the iTunes store. The theme of the issue is adventure and it features articles from Mark V, Guitar Ted, Zanne Blair, Rob Annis, Michael Pfaltzgraff, David Longdon, and Patrick Brady.

Quotes pulled from the articles include:

It was a day hotter Angelina Jolie’s ass. That much I remember for sure. Other bits, like when I dropped the acid, and what time I dropped it, were washed away as quickly as a shoreline sandcastle.

About 54 miles northwest of Sun Valley Idaho, in the Copper Basin, my Lezyne phone wallet bounced out of my jersey somewhere on a washboarded sector of the course. It was lost for most of the day. I knew it’d get turned in. Didn’t worry and rode the ride, let people know, and it was waiting for me at the finish. That’s the kind of event Rebecca’s Private Idaho was.

Every time he opened his mouth, stupid came out.

Historically, the earliest high wheelers, or penny farthing cyclists, were the “adventuring” types. Going across hill and dale scaring the bejeesus out of the proper citizenry and the horses they were mounted upon or being pulled by. It marked the beginnings of a conflict that still goes on to this day. (But that’s another story.)

For 23 years, the 8sp Hyperglide cassette body was all you needed to run whatever cassette you wanted, but the new 11sp cassettes from SRAM and Shimano are too wide though they use the same old Hyperglide spline pattern.

After pushing the publish button and when the issue arrived in the iTunes store, I recorded the occasion…

Issue 04 includes 10 articles, photos, and original artwork for $1.99 per month or $3.99 per issue. Subscription revenues directly support the writing, editing, and production of Bike Hugger Magazine. It’s ad free and published monthly on iTunes.

And yep, we’re working on a Droid solution for your phones and tablets and will announce that when it’s ready.

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