Gary Fisher Mind-Melting Autobiography

Gary Fisher Mind-Melting Autobiography

The Gary Fisher mind-melting autobiography has been released. The man who transformed an industry and sold mountain biking to the world, has released a new book detailing his life’s work building a happier, healthier future for the world.

I last spoke with Gary at a Grateful Dead concert, which is entirely fitting, since he once organized a mountain bike race at a Dead concert. He would’ve created effects like a double rainbow at the concerts in San Francisco too.

Gary Fisher Mind-Melting Autobiography
Gary Fisher and Mike Sinyard at the last Dead concert

In Being Gary Fisher and The Bicycle Revolution, the most candid, comprehensive, and personal account of his life yet, Gary Fisher takes readers on a wild ride. The narrative arc covers his early days as a maverick kid bike racer through the Acid Test scene and Grateful Dead tours to the present-day world of mountain biking. Like, the Supercaliber I’ve been riding, it’s an interesting take on things, to say the least.

Gary Fisher Mind-Melting Autobiography
Gary Fisher Mind-Melting Autobiography is available now.

My story is about discovering how you can do things differently

says Fisher.

Did I ever expect mountain bikes to get this popular? Well, yes. But what I didn’t expect was how far people would take them.

Fisher’s new book ($39.99 MSRP) is available immediately. Find it at and Trek retail partners around the world.

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