How to Ride in the Cold during a Bike Boom

Ride in the Cold with Gore

If the thought of getting a Zwift account or getting on the trainer fills you with dread, don’t worry you can ride in the cold during a bike boom. That’s because the gear from brands like Gore is so good now, you’ll stay warm and comfortable.

Ride in the Cold with Gore
Ride in the Cold with Gore

For the entire ride: beginning to end.

As I write this, trees turned amber and crimson from the fall are now covered with the first snowfall. In the past, riding in the winter meant wearing every piece of clothing you had with socks over your shoes. Then, you’d get too hot, sweat and chilled to the bone if the wind came up. In the wet, a cape is what you wore or hard shells that didn’t breath very well.

Not anymore.

Ride in the Cold with Athleisure Style

Not only does Gore perform, but their fit and fabric comfort rivals Lululemon. I told my Gore associate that they should get into the athleisure business: develop a casual, around-the-house, work-from-home sweat suit. I don’t know how they did it, but Gore managed to make their membrane comfortable like fleece. It also maintains warmth, even when wet from rain or sweatsuit.

The reason why is Gore’s membranes, insulation, and face fabric. In the past and learned from the Eddie B book, I’d start a ride cold (start a ride into the wind and then let it push you back home as well) but that’s no longer the case.

Now, I trust Gore-Tex to move moisture well enough (see the tortilla test) that I’m comfortable even if I sweat a bit on super cold days and in any conditions. It took me a few seasons wearing Gore to overcome my anxiety about getting hypothermic on a ride. If that sounds like I’m being a high-maintenance roadie, nope. Hypothermia on a road ride is no joke and has happened to me and my riding buddies.

Since I last posted about Gore, they’re marketing an Infinium line with and for this season, C5. That C5 Infinium descriptor combines stretch, insulation, seam taping, reflectivity, those sorts of details. Infinium maps Gore textile garments for various applications and conditions. It is intended to mix and match. In extreme conditions, pack the stretch Shakedry and unless the roads and trails are sheets of ice, you’re riding. For fat biking, pull on their pants over tights.

Ride in the Cold with C5 Gore

Remember you can mix and match Gore’s gear and they’ve got liners, socks, and booties. Here’s what’s in the C5 line for 2020.

  • C5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM Thermo Jacket—Fleece-lined WINDSTOPPER softshell fabric—designed to be at its most effective right when you’re settling into your cycling position.
  • C5 Thermo jersey—An aero fit and thermal fabric in the main torso to protect and insulates your core, while a lighter fabric makes up the lower part of the sleeves and side panels. A functional cold-weather jersey with a clean, sophisticated look.
  • C5 Thermo Bib Tights+—For endurance rides in harsh conditions, these tights feature DWR and WINDSTOPPER fabric in the crotch area to shield from cold and road spray while insulating.
  • PHANTOM GORE-TEX INFINIUM—Highly versatile windproof softshell with zip-off sleeves, allowing you to transform your jacket into a jersey. A relaunch of a GORE best-selling jacket with the latest evolution of fabrics and new design lines for a more modern appearance. Perfect for rides with changeable temperatures.

Find Gore Wear C5 and Thermium online. Their hiking and cycling shops are here. Everything is on sale, as you’d expect during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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