Tern Adds New, Updated GSD Model

We’re traveling back from Sitka, Alaska today, but wanted to get this news out. During Eurobike, Tern announced an update to their GSD line, equipping a new updated model with the most sought-after features.

Read about the GSD in this post from the launch. It’s an electric cargo bike that’s designed to help cyclists do more like take their kids to school, go shopping, get to work faster; and, can also be used for commercial purposes such as delivery or rental.

The updated model includes:

  • Bosch Performance Line CX: Features the best drivetrain available with just a bit more torque for really heavy loads. It also delivers more powerful walk assistance, so riders can easily maneuver the GSD on steep slopes.
  • Bosch 500/1000 Wh Configurations: With Bosch’s exclusive dual-battery technology, riders can choose either a standard 500 Wh or an upgraded 1000 Wh configuration – with the latter providing a range of up to 124 miles (200 km). Every GSD comes with dual-battery wiring, so riders who choose the standard 500 Wh configuration can upgrade to 1000 Wh at any time by adding a battery.
  • Enviolo N380x Hub: An infinitely variable transmission with a gear range of 380% lets riders easily change gears under load and at standstill, delivering a smoother ride in stop-and go city traffic. A Boost thru-axle and beefed-up internals deliver improved service life, even in demanding commercial applications.
  • Abus Wheel Lock: Uses the same key as the battery locks and is perfect for when the rider has to leave the GSD for a short time to make a delivery or run into a store. A heavy-duty Abus chain can be added for additional security.

For fans of the GSD, including me, this is great news. The GSD S00 will retail for $4995 and will be available in stores in Q1 2019.


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