Mandibula Comfort Seat Post

Mandibula Comfort Seat Post

THM introduced the Mandibula comfort seat post. And it is extremely light. Unsurprising too is that the lightness doesn’t come at the expense of strength or durability. With a proven track record, THM components never chases weight without also making sure they are superbly engineered. In other words, riders who weight more than 220lb can ride THM components worry free.

Mandibula Comfort Seat Post
Mandibula Comfort Seat Post

THM’s kit is also lovely and intended for the super enthusiast roadie.

The Mandibula ($599) solves the bouncy issue for taller and heavier riders by dividing the post into two zones: comfort and power. The latter is a super-stiff and light structure that hardly flexes regardless of how much sticks out of the frame. The comfort zone provides exactly what you would expect, the right level of comfort without getting too bouncy.

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Meaning, the seat post takes the edge off the big hits on the road and ignores the smaller ones.

Mandibula Comfort Seat Post Construction

As a result of THM’s lay-up, the saddle stays horizontal through the flex path and its compact design means it also works on small frames and frames with a horizontal toptube that do not expose a lot of seatpost length. THM’s lay-up wizardry dampens the vibrations while riding at higher cadence on rough roads and cobblestones.

Most important, THM’s 100%-made-in-Germany carbon manufacturing process and structural details like the rail results in the Mandibula comfort seat post weighing less than most seat posts without comfort features at 150 g. A comparable ENVE without comfort features weights 178 g.

Even with 32s running under 30PSI, my carbon bikes are too stiff. Taking the edge of a hit while riding is appealing to me; especially, when a comfort seat post is actually an upgrade to my favorite whip.

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