3T Strada Official Haute Route bike

Fondos with themed bikes, sure why not? And, the 3T Strada just became the official Haute Route bike.

Equipped with the new 3T Torno Crank, THM carbon cockpit, and an orange paint finish, with a ‘fade’ from front to rear, it’ll really pop in the sunshine of the famous Haute Route bike alpine routes.

The 3T Strada’s 1x transmission and Vroomen-designed aerodynamics should make it ideal for Haute Routes new, shorter, 3-day events.

from left to right is René Wiertz 3T’s President and co-owner, Rémi Duchemin, founder and CEO of the Haute Route series, and Matt Holden, COO of Haute Route.

Entrants can buy the 3T Strada PRO together with the race entry fee, for the inclusive price of €5000 or the  Strada TEAM, with  race entry fee, and full hotel accommodation, for €7800.

If you’re into fondos and 1x aero road bikes it’s a nice package deal. Read more about the 3T Strada HR.

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