Cheap Gear for the Bike Commute

Yesterday NYT ran a story about cheap gear for the commute. I could do without the MAMIL stereotype, but the author AC Shilton told me that was a joke. Follow that convo here and, Shilton mentions a bunch of great gear.

The thing about the bike, what makes it a unique product, is how it serves a very wide swath of people from the low to the high end and infinite niches—there’s now fly fishing kit for cyclists. I’ve not seen one monolithic group besides “roadies” or “triathletes” or “mountain bikers.” If there are MAMILs at least around here, they’re riding gravel and getting out into the trees instead of in a bike lane or riding along the side of a highway.

Anyway, here’s the gear Shilton recommends via Wirecutter.

I’ll add to the list a must-have bell like the Spurcycle or Crane.

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