Tern Launches Smaller HSD Today

Tern Launches Smaller HSD Today

Tern launches smaller HSD today. That’s a more compact version of the GSD, a cargo bike I strongly recommend. From the PR

At only 170 cm long, the HSD is shorter than a standard bike but comes equipped with serious hauling capacity with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 374 lbs. Designed to carry more, the HSD can help out with transporting weekly groceries, school drop-off, daily commuting, and even hauling a weekend’s worth of camping gear.

What Tern is doing with the HSD is making a just as capable cargo bike that can more easily fit in the back of an SUV and an office. Consider it as a last mile solution for commuters who park in a lot and then zip into town. HSD stands for haul stuff daily. That doesn’t mean you can’t replace a car with the HSD, but this fits a niche in Tern’s lineup for an e-cargo bike with less of a footprint.

Tern Launches Smaller HSD Today Pricing

Terns’s new ebike lineup includes three different models: HSD P9 starting at $3,099, HSD S8i starting at $3,699, and HSD S+ starting at $4,999. Across the three bike models comes a variety of eight different color offerings including Shake Polish, Blue, Red, Limon, Matte Black, Tundra, Dune, and Tarragon.

Tern Launches Smaller HSD Today

Improvements from the GSD included an easy to mount, step through frame and a thudbuster seatpost. The drivetrain is paired with Bosch’s latest Performance or Active line (depending on spec). Commuters will welcome the belt drive and can expect no more hard shifts with the internally-geared hub.

Tern Launches Smaller HSD Today
Tern Launches Smaller HSD Today

Besides the ride, Tern is serious about safety. One of Europe’s leading bicycle test laboratories, has tested the HSD frame and fork to 170 kg (374 lb) according to their own rigorous Tri-Test standard. The upcoming EN Cargo Bike standards too. The HSD is also equipped with several safety features that make it ready for almost any situation. Those include

  • Integrated front and rear lights
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather stopping power
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Reflective decals.

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