Kenevo Prime v Rokroot Premiere

Kenevo Prime v Rokroot

This week, Kenevo Prime v Rokroot premiered. The video, for Specialized’s new Kenevo SL electric mountain bike, answers the question

“What happens if the actual mountain comes alive?”

A lot. According to Specialized, the Kenevo SL sets this new bar of trail performance through an integrated development approach. Their trail-obsessed Turbo MTB team lives, eats, sleeps, and dreams singletrack. They created every part of the bike—chassis, geometry, suspension, motor, battery, and controller—to work flawlessly with every other part, and with you to deliver a ride beyond belief.

And one that wakes the mountain monster. A tamer city version exists too that’s just for fun vs. relentless trail shredding. The Kenevo SL takes the popular Enduro chassis and integrates a motor and a 320 Wh battery. The result is an eMTB with 29” wheels and 170mm of travel that weighs only 40.9 pounds. For reference, that’s about eight pounds more than a regular Enduro, and 11 pounds less than the full powered Kenevo.

Kenevo Prime v Rokroot
Kenevo Prime v Rokroot

Kenevo SL Specs

  • Wheelsize: 29
  • Carbon frame
  • Travel: 170mm (r) / 170mm (f)
  • 240 watt power, 35 Nm torque
  • 350 Wh internal battery, Range Extender available
  • 62.5 – 64.5-degree head angle
  • 442 or 447mm chainstays
  • Weight: 40.9 lb / 18.5 kg (size S4)
  • Price as shown: $15,000 USD
  • S-Works frame only: $8,500

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