Alchemy Redesigned Atlas Bikes

Alchemy redesigned Atlas bikes are now shipping. Well, as soon as they get their build kits like everyone else. Altas is inspired by the Colorado terrain. Above all, the bikes are designed to go pretty much anywhere. Similarly, Alchemy’s direct-to-consumer model means many build variations are possible.

What interests me the most is the titanium model.

Alchemy Redesigned Atlas Bikes

Alchemy Redesigned Atlas Bikes
Alchemy Ti  looks and rides great with precise welds. The 31.6 seat tube stiffens up the triangles.

The hand-made titanium Atlas is available in all-road or road geometry. Features include:

  • a 1.5” tapered head tube
  • Threaded bottom bracket shell
  • Cold-formed tubes shaped in-house
  • Hooded dropouts
  • Internally routed brake hoses.

Precise welds are a part of Alchemy’s proprietary titanium construction. The 31.6mm seat post provides a quality ride. Commenting on the launch, Alchemy founder Ryan Cazzinaro said

Launching the new Atlas family allowed us to commit even further to the ‘direct-to-rider’ experience.

For instance, Alchemy offers 16 possible custom choice outcomes. That’ll result in a truly unique bike, including geometry. Builds include Shimano or SRAM. Pricing starts at $8999 for the ti model. I suggest the wide-open 38MM tire version.

Ultimately, that’ll model will handle anything in Colorado. The Methow Valley. And, the roads nearest you. Of course, paved, dirt, or gravel.

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