Elite Direto XR Indoor Training during Covid

Elite Direto XR Indoor Trainer

Launched last year, we have been using the Elite Direto XR Indoor Trainer ever since the pandemic. At a premium price of $949, the Direto offers much for the spend. That’s if ultimate accuracy is important to you. A maximum gradient of 24% too.

Elite Direto XR Indoor Trainer
Elite Direto XR Indoor Trainer

We use Zwift with the Direto XR.  Considered buying a Peloton, but with a princess and a pea bike fit between, wanted to train inside using a known setup. A trainer with minimal space requirements is a bonus. Switching bikes is easy as well.

Note: this isn’t a technical review,  just a real experience of why the Direto is so good.  YouTubers have the technical reviews dialed and also how-to’s in order to set it up properly.  Which, by the way, is really easy.

Before training with the Direto XR a fluid trainer with Bluetooth is all we had. And, before that? Well, both Pam and I have been doing this so long we either rode (and yes, fell off) the rollers or trained on a magnetic trainer that burned through tires.

In short,  If you haven’t made the switch to a smart trainer,  do it.

Gonna get one?  Here are a few things to plan ahead for:

  • Be near an electrical outlet.  You’ll have to be plugged in.
  • Set yourself up on a level and solid floor.
  • It does make some noise.  No more than a fan.
  • You need a compatible cassette and if you use campy, plan on an adapter part.
  • Get that dialed before your trainer arrives so you’ll be on the bike within minutes of it being out of the box.

Here’s the best feature: no glitches with ERG when doing intervals or high-intensity surges like the fluid trainer.  It’s hard enough to get in the zone the first time but constantly being shut off and having to re-calibrate when using the fluid trainer is frustrating. That doesn’t help build any strength towards a getting stronger goal.  With the Direto XR,  just turn on a Zwift training workout,  have a lot of water handy,  turn on a fan, and follow along with the program.  No shifting, no glitching, no getting to the right power level 20 seconds into a 30-second surge.

Instead, put your head down, turn your legs, and the trainer does the rest.

Find the Direto XR at a bike shop near you or online; including, from Amazon. As of today, they have 2 left.

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