All-New District 4 from Trek

All-New District 4

An all-new District 4 from Trek is now available. For more fun and less hassle, the District 4 has a Gates CDX belt drive attached to a Shimano internal hub. The carbon belt drive offers 3x the service life of a chain. There’s no need to lubricate or degrease it either. Also, no chain marks on your legs or leggings.

All-New District 4
All-New District 4

The District 4 ships with self-powered lights, fenders, a kickstand, a rear rack, and 40c tires for rough roads. There are two models: District 4 and District 4 Stagger with a step-through frame.

Both are available now for $1699 from a Trek dealer near you.

Trek focused on releasing a bike for people trying cycling as an alternate means of essential transportation. During Covid, according to a survey conducted by Trek in partnership with research firm Engine Insights,  of Americans who own a bike, 21% of them have been riding more. The study findings also reveal that half of Americans (50%) plan to ride their bike more after Covid

Thanks to its simple and fun design, Trek thinks the District 4 is a great solution for these new riders.

I agree.  For example, it’s taken years of product cycles for bikes to include dynohub-powered lights.

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