Freitag F155 Clapton: Individual By Day, Reflective By Night

I’ve acquired so many bags writing about bikes and cameras, that I could decide which to use just by venue. There’s a fancy one for going out dressed up and to meetings, the Chrome for hauling, and one to just toss stuff in and go work in a coffee shop. Also, a Thule to travel with and another Chrome to take with me on a shoot.

Now, Freitag, a fav brand ever since we visited Berlin has a high-vis bag, the F155 Clapton. According to the launch PR

Learning from a truck means learning how to commute: Our latest F155 CLAPTON backpack, then, is a rugged individualist designed for commuters traveling by bike or public transport by day. But when night comes, its reflective cat’s eyes ensure that wearers are safe and sound.

The truck reference cites Freitag’s use of old truck tarps as their material. Regards convenience and functionality, it’s packed full with all the experience Freitag has amassed making professional bike messenger bags over the past couple of decades:

  • A water-repellent backpack made of robust, individual and used truck tarps
  • Variable volume with special fold’n’rolltop mechanism for closing
  • Reduced sweating and massively increased comfort in wear thanks to 3D mesh padding on back and shoulder straps
  • All-round immediate visibility thanks to five smartly positioned reflectors
  • Interior featuring upholstered laptop compartment, outside with various docking sites for cycle helmet, u-lock and key fob together with a well-concealed, rapid-access external compartment below the extended belt center line

What I like most about Freitag is the individualism, because they’re cut from recycled truck tarps, no two are the same. Not only will the F155  stand out clearly from the gray mass of commuters.

When it gets dark, its reflecting contour markings let other other road users know you’re there.

Buy the F155 for $290 direct from Freitag. Also, read more about them in this book from Amazon.

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