Rapha Luggage

Brought a change of clothes for a date night overnight downtown at the Thompson and the Rapha luggage was just the right size. Also, the best brand statement from them in years. A popular fashion brand should have luggage to take on trips and fill with their gear. And, it’s about participating in Rapha’s brand—love or hate them, they’ve slotted in where traditional shops have abandoned the group ride.

Rapha Seattle

I’ve visited clubs in Seattle, London, New York and when they’re at feel at home, reminiscing about when I came up through the sport, racing and working at shops or just hanging out having bikes built.

Rapha Club NYC

Considering they’re employing people I know and I see their distinct kits around towns I visit, Rapha’s impact on the market is clear.

A bike I picked up from the Rapha Club London.

Back to the luggage, if you’re into what they do, then def get it. The price of admission seems like a bargain to me.

What I’m Wearing

Sure Rapha is expensive and if you take care of it—wash on gentle, never dry—it’ll last a long time and I still have kit from their launch, one with my name on it from last year too.

Most of the Rapha I wear is clothes from their urban collection that fits my style. For all the reasons, you’d wear it for a ride to work and back, it’s perfect for travel.

What I had packed in the luggage, the small reflective backpack for $170 is

and the rest my wallet, keys, etc.


The luggage features

  • Waterproof main body fabric
  • Rain cover with its own stow pocket
  • Quick access valuables zip pocket on side
  • Internal mesh pockets for storage
  • Grab handle on top
  • Loop for a rear light

and is made of 100% nylon main body with leather contrast stripe and a polyester lining.

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