Camelbak Repack for Day Trips

As a follow-up to my review of the Gore Shakedry jacket, in that post the photos include the Camelback Repack (available for pre-order now on Amazon) I’ve been riding with since the summer. I wasn’t a fanny pack kind of rider until now.

That’s mostly because I just don’t like stuff on my back and never have, even when using the first Camelbak that was pretty much a neoprene pouch with surgical tubing and straps.

The Repack is well designed, costs $75, and starts shipping next month. The 50 oz reservoir you can choose to fill less or full (I run it 1/2 full) The outer zippered pocket is designed to hold things in vertical pockets (the business card sized sleeves) – I hold levers, multi tool, dyna plug, co2. In the zippered flap on the back side of the outer pocket, I recommend the small and important things (zippers are safer) – key, co2 chuck, chain links, chainring bolts, Waist pockets are easy – phone in the zipper, loads of food in the envelope style (I can fit 7 gels, or a ProBar and 4-5 gels) add a bottle on your bike and you are good for 3-5 hours!

Seriously, with a bottle on the bike, a keg with tools and a tube, and the Repack, you’re set for a day trip, like mine on the Lake Olallie trail.

The Repack took a long time to get to market, but ships next month direct, a shop near you, or from Amazon. I like it so much, will ride longer gravel roads with it too. The Low Rider design keeps water and cargo centered around your waist and a lower center of gravity keeps it stable with dual cinch straps to keep it tight.

My daily shooter is Sony a9 II with a vertical grip and various Sigma lenses attached like the 14mm 1.4 Art. Find more recommendations on our store page. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.