What a Winter That Was 2021

What a Winter That Was

What a winter that was. And, before the last drifts of snow melt away, I wanted to share a few fat biking photos. If ever there was a year in which we really needed a long, lovely, winter — 2020-2021 was it. It offered endless opportunities for outdoor activity.

What a Winter That Was
Riding the trails at Loyd’s Ranch. Into a stoke so good on the back side of Meanderthal. I thought the squeaking brakes were birds chirping as I rode past

Where I rode, it was a record-setting year in terms of snowfall, grooming, users, and circumstance. From the early first flakes in November to the long, sunny days of March, I was fueled by the joy of riding and connection in the Methow Valley.

Methow Valley Fat Biking
It was a dramatic night with broken clouds whipping past the moon and shadows racing wildly across the snowy landscape. Then, I rode a twisty groomed trail up a ridge at Lloyd Ranch to capture the last moment of light as it changed from white to cobalt blue.

In an exceptionally challenging year, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to experience a bit of “normalcy.” Thank you to Methow Trails, Twisp Chamber of Commerce, and Cascade Loop for the photos. The trail association delivered on a mission to connect people, nature, and communities. They did so through a world-class trail system.

Next up back to riding in the dirt on the Trek.

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