Trickster Outside

Well, that’s a show stopper to your work day….looking for the greenbelt behind Hugga HQ, she could see it and was planning how to get there.

Then heard the camera shutter and darted back into the bushes.


Guess if I knew a trickster was gonna appear, would’ve had a tripod setup, a blind, and took frames in silent mode. When I looked up from the computer and saw her, there was a moment of eye contact. No fear from either of us, but calculating the next move: mine with a camera and her back onto the safe path.

Urban Coyotes

Coyotes run the greenbelts and feed on rabbits along the Burke Gilman. The longest moment I’ve had with one, was near Kent, in the middle of a long ride:

I rode past a coyote hunting rabbits, while the sun broke through black storm clouds. The coyote’s glance reminded me to live outside of the office, not online, or twittering in social networks all the time. The coyote kept running and I pedaled a bit faster.

As long as they keep running paths, I’ll keep pedaling faster.

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